For licensing information, contact us

We are happy to negotiate very reasonable and highly competitive licensing rates. Furthermore we can offer blanket license rates, thereby allowing you to “needle drop” ‘til your heart’s content. In most instances, a license will be granted as expeditiously as possible via fax or email – usually within 24 hours. Our catalog is “pre-cleared” so you license directly from Back Door Music. No last minute haggling over cutting rights etc.

All licenses are granted worldwide and in perpetuity unless otherwise stated.

All rates are per needle drop, except production blankets.

Cut-downs and tags require separate licenses.

It is the responsibility of broadcasters to hold valid performing rights licenses with BMI or ASCAP (in the U.S.) or with their affiliated societies (outside the U.S.)

The copyright laws of the United States protect all music represented by Back Door Music, Inc. Music copied or re-recorded for any purpose without obtaining a written license from Back Door Music, Inc. is considered copyright infringement. If you are unsure of the type of clearance you require, please call for clarification. No license from Back Door Music includes public performances, unless license specifically states it and a separate additional fee has been paid. Any change or alteration to an existing production requires a new and separate license.