About Us


We are real musicians and singers who have sung and played with some of the biggest names in music, like Richard Marx, Kenny Loggins, Chaka Kahn, and many more, both in the studio and on tour all over the world. We have played in symphony orchestras, world-class jazz, country, rock, folk & R&B bands. We have written, arranged, produced and recorded countless songs for Television shows. We have written songs that have been performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. We have worked in music production and post production on many Theatrical Films. We have won prestigious songwriting awards. We are on-camera music coordinators, music editors and even prepare music cue sheets. Now, however, we put all our experience and expertise into searching for really great music to place in your productions.


Fully mastered, broadcast quality, Radio, TV & Film ready:
Pop, Rock, Pop Rock, Modern Rawk, Alternative, Roots Rock, R&B, Pop/R&B, Jazz, Latin, Blues, Urban/Rap/Hip Hop, Score, Chill Out, Dance – and many others genres and all variations in between. And again, we can custom create music on demand.


There are many ways to access our catalogue. Aside from searching, auditioning and downloading MP3s directly from this web site, we can deliver on Hard Drive (aiff & MP3), Audio CDs and our newest format which we are real excited about – iTunes formatted data DVDs which puts our entire library at your fingertips conveniently formatted using the iTunes browser interface, giving you titles, genre, descriptions, tempo, length and “In the Style of” information – all in the familiar iTunes environment. Of course, we can FTP you the full bandwidth aiff file at any time should you require it.

At BACK DOOR MUSIC we adhere strictly to the K.I.S.S. rule so you can get in, find what you’re looking for and get out with as little hassle as possible. Our music is organized in an intuitive, easy to navigate portal that is fun while very fast and efficient to help you narrow your search and save you time.