BACK DOOR MUSIC LIBRARY – An Affordable, Pre-Cleared, Source Music Catalog, specializing in indie music of the Highest Quality for TV, Film and Commercial Music Supervisors, Music Editors, Producers and Directors.

DISCRIMINATING yet budget conscious music supervisors and other music professionals need look no further. Our first rate, broadcast quality, pre-cleared source music is what you are looking for to place in your TV, Film or Commercial production.

DON’T let the words “source music”, “music library” or “catalog” fool you. The BACK DOOR MUSIC catalog is hand picked from the best indie artists and production music sources available. The music you find on this music library website can easily be mistaken for music you hear on the radio on any given day. Why pay more for “here-today-gone-tomorrow” hits when you can have the same radio ready, broadcast quality production music for your music source needs at a fraction of the price.

THE COMPANY: BACK DOOR MUSIC is a company that puts quality above all else. With our extensive experience in all aspects of music as it relates to film and television music production as well as commercials, we know first hand what’s missing and what is desperately needed; real music made by real artists. At BACK DOOR MUSIC, we understand that productions and music supervisors need to save money without sacrificing quality, so we have made it our mission to provide the absolute best indie and production music out there with the convenience of a “pre-cleared” music catalog offered at competitive prices for a truly unique one-stop, pre-cleared, source music shopping experience.

THE CATALOG: THE BACK DOOR MUSIC CATALOG speaks for itself. You need only begin to audition our music and your ears will tell you you’ve come to the right place. The quality of the music is ultimately what’s going to give a scene that magical emotional impact that takes it over the top, the same way a quality music score is so critical to the success of a film or television show.
WHILE we specialize in cutting edge indie artists we never turn down good music and are proud to offer a wide variety of styles and genres to fill your musical needs. If we don’t have the music you’re looking for, we’ll find it or custom create songs with our own songwriting and music production teams offering quick turnaround – as fast as 24 hours in special circumstances. At BACK DOOR MUSIC, we have combined the quality and intimacy of a boutique music store with the variety and convenience of a source music warehouse.

NAVIGATING THIS WEB SITE: THE BACK DOOR MUSIC LIBRARY website was designed to be extremely user friendly to the Music Supervisors, Music Editors, Film and TV Producers and Associate Producers and other Music Professionals with typical time constraints, tight deadlines and sometimes impossible music budget restrictions. The BACK DOOR MUSIC catalog represented on this music-supervisor-customized website is searchable by a number of different intuitive musical parameters. Click on the title of the song and it will begin to play immediately in full (190) MP3 quality. You won’t hear cheesy compressed music on our website. Audition our music until your heart’s content, then download and temp our music into your production. You need only create a user account once to have downloadable access to our music library and when you’re ready for the full bandwidth AIFF file, we can simply FTP it to you so you’ll have our source music at your fingertips in a matter of minutes.

MORE ABOUT US: Now that you know about the Back Door Music library and our cutting edge indie source music available to you, let us tell you a little about the key players behind this unbelievably first rate music catalog. You see the reason our music library is so successful is because of the quality control and selection behind the development of this extraordinary catalog of hit quality music. Our experience in the music industry and TV and film production gives us an edge over the competition.

WHO’S BEHIND THE BACK DOOR: We are real musicians and singers who have sung and played with some of the biggest names in music, like Richard Marx, Kenny Loggins, Chaka Kahn, and many more, both in the studio and on tour all over the world. We have played in symphony orchestras, world-class jazz, country, rock, folk & R&B bands. We have written, arranged, produced and recorded countless songs for Television shows. We have written songs that have been performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. We have worked in music production and post production on many Theatrical Films. We have won prestigious songwriting awards. We are on-camera music coordinators, music editors and even prepare music cue sheets. Now, however, we put all our experience and expertise into searching for really great music to place in your productions.

WHAT’S BEHIND THE BACK DOOR: FULLY mastered, broadcast quality, Radio, TV & Film ready:Pop, Rock, Modern Rawk, Alternative, Roots Rock, R&B, Pop/R&B, Jazz, Latin, Blues, Urban/Rap/Hip Hop, Score, Chill Out, Dance – and many others genres and all variations in between. And again, we can custom create music on demand.

HOW TO ACCESS BACK DOOR MUSIC (DELIVERY): THERE are many ways to access our music catalogue. Aside from searching, auditioning and downloading our music directly from this web site, we can deliver on Hard Drive (aiff & MP3), conventional audio CDs and BRAND NEW – iTunes formatted data DVDs which puts our entire library at your fingertips conveniently formatted using the iTunes browser interface, giving you titles, genre, descriptions, tempo, length and “In the Style of” information – all in the familiar iTunes environment. Simply load the DVD into your iTunes browser and everything you need is right there in the convenient and familiar iTunes browser environment. Of course, we can FTP you the full bandwidth aiff file at any time should you require it.

At BACK DOOR MUSIC we adhere strictly to the K.I.S.S. rule so you can get in, find what you’re looking for and get out with as little hassle as possible. Our music is organized in an intuitive, easy to navigate portal that is fun while very fast and efficient to help you narrow your search and save you time.